Big Fig dishes are packed with flavour, made with love and ready to go. Best of all you get to fill your plate the way you want.

Open all day, eat in or take away.
We don’t take reservations, just turn up and fill your plate with deliciousness!

We’re open at last!

Wanaka from 8am
Queenstown from 11am

We have a changing menu of slow-cooked meat like lamb shawarma and pomegranate beef cheeks, sweet spicy tangy meatballs, yummy vegetarian and vegan tagines, gratins, pilafs, stuffed veggies, stews, and braises. Our salads are grainy and greenie, roasty and tasty, herb-filled and jammed with flavour.

Our in-house bakers also keep the cabinet stocked with delicious cakes, slices, biscuits, and pittas. We have house made dips with homemade pitta chips and sourdough crackers and mezze bowls to snack on with a drink.

See you soon for slow food served fast!

About us

Big Fig is owned by our food-obsessed family, inspired by our Lebanese heritage and named for the fig tree that grew in our Taranaki backyard.

We use fresh seasonal ingredients and local produce wherever possible. We only use free range meat and eggs.

We’re committed to reducing our impact on the planet, food scraps go to pigs, we sell reusable takeaway cups and bowls and offer a discount when you use them. We don’t use plastic straws or bags.


For any event – from meetings to parties, get-togethers to picnics, office dos to birthdays – or any occasion that can be made better by super tasty food – Big Fig has got you!

Take a look at our catering page for our current menu and enquiry form, or download a PDF.

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